We’re Waiting

What are we waiting for? Snow and cold weather.

Yes, that is correct, we have now entered the danger zone – and not just the Kenny Loggins’ song. We are brimming on the edge of November. The sun may be shinning, but it is becoming colder by the day. You may begin to notice more condensation on your car windshield, and that your breath has become visible in the morning air once again. Here is where we begin to gamble on our local meteorologists and watch them bask in triumph or defeat.

Like most things involving Ohio weather, we will not know until the true wintery months are upon us. However, until then, the Old Farmer’s Almanac predicts temperatures to be around 50 degrees during the month of November. It also predicts snow sometime between November 1-4. The only snow expected to be seen afterward in the month of November is flurries between Nov 27-30. That is what is listed, for now, take it as you wish. Godspeed.


Featured Image: “Winter Road” by Pavel P. is licensed under CC BY 2.0


10 thoughts on “We’re Waiting

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  1. I love the reference to Kenny Loggins! I look forward to your posts each week, and they are so enjoyable! Please keep making me laugh!


  2. I really hope that the Old Farmer’s Almanac is right and the temperatures throughout November are in the fifties. I hate it when the weather goes below 32 degrees. Fingers crossed that it won’t!


  3. I love that song by Kenny Loggins, and thank you for the information! I really hope that the snow holds off for a bit longer, because my personal favorite season is autumn. I enjoy winter just as much as the next person, especially when Christmas rolls around and it becomes socially acceptable to stay in your house all day with books and hot chocolate and are able to take naps whenever you want, but still. I do hope it’ll wait for another month or so before kicking in. But I can’t exactly force Mother Nature to change her plans. Thank you for the informational post yet again, and I can’t wait to read your next post full of random, quirky comments and weather forecasts. Thanks, and keep writing!


  4. Ohio weather has a mind of its own and it decides when it is ready for the snow and freezing temperatures and the occasional negative temperature outside. I’m not ready but it is quickly approaching!


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