Give kindness


Give. Give everything you do your all. All of the challenges, the tests, the reviews, and even the little things.

For the kindness project, I selected the word give. Giving can be much more than a material object. Giving can be giving your all when facing every challenge, giving your time for those who need it, giving a shoulder to cry on, giving a kind smile to a random passerby, and so much more. Giving inspires, energizes, rejuvenates, calms, and builds.

Continuing to give inspires others to give in their own ways, hopefully leading to a kinder community. So, when thinking of this rock, remember to give kindness your way.

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Falling for Autumn

Alright, folks

The time of year where it is now socially acceptable to scare random people walking near your driveway is upon us. The leaves are in hospice, long dreaded pumpkin spice is back, and the temperature is more bipolar than my mother around the holidays.

Besides those impeding the roadways to gain access to their nearest Starbucks, fall is my favorite season. The weather is at its most tolerable in the middle of the autumn season, and one might say, slightly enjoyable. Many have different reasons for their appreciation of this long-awaited season. Whether your reasoning is the cool temperatures or the apple cider (I refuse to include that “pumpkin drink” in an article more than once), you are most likely looking forward to these upcoming months.

However, you may be looking to expand your horizons and pick up some new activities this fall. Here are some activities to consider in the autumn months of Ohio:

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Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming.

That’s right, I said those dreaded words for those that live in Ohio. However, not everyone has this opinion. You most likely either a.) resume the fetal position every time someone dares to echo the word “winter”, b.) You love the winter because snow days, the holidays, -or maybe you just don’t appreciate the humidity that is showered out in the summer and spring months. Or Finally, c.) you don’t really care and you’re just here for the ride – you have come to accept the bipolar beast that is Ohio weather.

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